6MX is a small-scale machine shop founded on the basis of the Poljot Moscow Watch Factory in the 1940s. Since 1947 it has been producing marine chronometers labelled 6MX. The name was officially registered as a trademark in 2016. Today the manufacture offers a fine selection of both marine timepieces and water-resistant wristwatches under its trademark.

May 20-28, 1929, Moscow
The Fifth Congress of Soviets confirmed a five-year plan to construct as many as 1200 factories,
including the First Moscow Watch Factory.

October 1, 1930
The First Moscow Watch Factory went into operation.

1947, Moscow
As part of the First Moscow Watch Factory, a small-scale machine shop was established to manufacture special-purpose products. The watchmaking process included all phases from design to a product release.
1960, Moscow
A line of wrist-chronographs was launched.
In 1965 an icon of Russian watchmaking, the legendary Strela watch was released.
Russian cosmonauts, such as Alexey Leonov used Strela watches in open space expeditions.
1997, Moscow
As a result of the merger between the small-scale machine shop and the experimental department headed by the chief designer, the 6MX manufacture was established. That event was a turning point in the history of the company as it enabled to broaden the product range.
April 2012, Moscow
15th anniversary of the company in modern Russia.
2013, Moscow
The company joined the National Watchmakers Association.
6MX was officially registered as a trademark, where MX is an abbreviation for “marine chronometer” and 6 stands for its serial number. That year the manufacture launched a collection of its first water-resistant wristwatches.
Our experts decided to improve a deck watch movement to strengthen the balance. At the same time, a new line of wristwatches in fiberglass cases went into production.
2018 was a real milestone in the history of the company. 6MX launched its first campaign supporting sailing in Russia. For the first time, a sailing team placed the 6MX logo on their sails.
A limited edition watch "K-278" for military deep-sea divers was released. The first Russian watch in the history of 6MX that withstands water pressure at a depth of 1100 meters.
Thanks to the brand ambassadors, the 6MX wristwatch conquers both poles of the Earth. During the pandemic, the company specialists are preparing to release a model of a wristwatch in a case made of steel scrap obtained from end-of-life ships. 6MX is committed to corporate social responsibility and supports sustainability initiatives.
Larisa Mikhailovna Martynova
Larisa Mikhailovna MartynovaOur Chief Manager
Our people are the very heart of our business. They are true professionals unrivalled in their craftsmanship.

Our Chief Manager is Larisa Mikhailovna Martynova


The manufacture is equipped with machinery installed mainly during the XX century — the time when everything was designed to be almost everlasting. The production workshops were equipped with the latest technology: a five-axis lathe, an industrial projector, a modern printing machine. However, not machines but our outstanding, dedicated employees are considered to be our most valuable asset and the mainstay of the watchmaking industry. One of the peculiarities of watchmaking is the necessity to machine special tiny elements such as Gall’s chains, a mainspring, a fusee, etc. Our manufacture has special testing facilities and test systems that verify our product integrity and excellent performance under extreme environmental stresses and conditions. All watches produced in our company are required to go through testing, and no item has ever left the manufacture without a meticulous inspection.
Marine chronometers and deck watches are 100% in-house products. The only exceptions are wooden cases, jewels, and crystals. All the rest is fully made within the company. As far as wristwatches are concerned, 6МХ uses movements of the finest quality by the world-leading companies, whose reliability has withstood the test of time.

6 MX

Our mission

The original small-scale machine shop has always been primarily targeted at manufacturing timepieces for sailors. Even in the darkest periods of history, the manufacture kept on producing watches — the essential navigation equipment to have on-board. The 21st century saw a considerable increase in shipbuilding that created the demand for repairing old timepieces and producing new ones. As a result, marine timekeepers of high precision, accuracy, and isochronism have become our core product. At the same time, there was also a need for wristwatches, which could be ordered for sailors by public and private companies. Since 2016 the manufacture is aimed at meeting the demands of people with nautical occupations. It goes without saying that our product embodies the key principles we adhere to excellent quality, reliability, professionalism, and continuous improvement.



All watches produced in our company are required to go through testing, and no item has ever left the manufacture without a meticulous inspection. Our manufacture has special testing facilities and test systems that verify our product integrity and excellent performance under extreme environmental stresses and conditions, such as increasing vibration, temperature, pressure, and humidity. With a series of complex tests successfully passed, all watches are given a Certificate of Quality where all specifications are detailed.

6 MX

Our friends and customers

What makes our wristwatches very special to us is that there is always a story behind each of them.
The first wristwatch model created by 6MX was designed for captains of the icebreaker fleet and had several notable features. Thanks to the owners of these watches, the model was later nicknamed "Kapitanskiye" ("Captain's"). Soon after that the sailors of the Northern Fleet learned about this watch and appreciated its performance. Later 6MX made friends with the explorer Fyodor Konyukhov and having been inspired by his achievements and strong personality, we decided to create a new ultralight but reliable watch that would express the spirit of adventure. This is how our first fiberglass models were born.
By the time the first collection of fiberglass watches was released, we already earned the trust and respect of many yachtsmen, who also supported the idea of introducing a yacht timer function in our new models. Eventually, thanks to Igor Zaretsky, a famous yachtsman, 6MX released a wristwatch specially designed for travelling by sea across different time zones.
The efforts we make to create watches for sailors with increased water resistance did not go unnoticed and we received an order from divers involved in deep-sea explorations. This is how an exclusive watch model that withstands water pressure at a depth of 1100 meters was created.
Our long friendly relationship with Mikhail Novikov, captain-instructor of the barques "Kruzenshtern" and "Sedov" and the leadership of the Academy of the Fishing Fleet gives us a wonderful opportunity to test new watches under harsh sea conditions almost all year round.
We enjoy every step of the production process as it brings together iconic figures, professional users, designers, engineers, and master watchmakers to combine their experience and encourages new ideas. We cherish our friendship and mutual respect.
Novikov Mikhail Vyacheslavovich
Novikov Mikhail VyacheslavovichCaptain-instructor of the barques “Kruzenshtern” and “Sedov”
Igor Zaretsky
Igor Zaretskyyachtsman, winner, and laureate of regattas on the Volga, Onega, and Ladoga. He is the first Russian yachtsman to win the Jester Challenge 2010 — a single-handed transatlantic race
Olga Antonova
Olga AntonovaRussian yachtswoman, a participant in the crossing of the Pacific Ocean on a whitewater catamaran. Ambassador of the brand 6MX
Alexander Mikhailovich Rykov
Alexander Mikhailovich RykovRussian captain who used to serve in the Merchant Navy. He spent more than 10 years on merchant ships as сaptain. Alexander Mikhailovich also worked as director of the museum icebreaker "Krasin"
Konstantin Popov
Konstantin PopovCommander of the educational center "Sea Practice"
Oleg Yunga Sirik
Oleg Yunga Sirikfamous Russian snowboarder and blogger
Berezkin Andrey Alekseevich
Berezkin Andrey Alekseevichresident of the St. Petersburg Regional Public Sport Organization "L6 Cruiser Yacht Association”
Irina Gracheva
Irina Grachevayachtswoman, participant of the extreme solo transatlantic yacht race "Mini Transat 2019"
Sailing team
Sailing teamThe team has competed in the quarter-ton yacht class with the brand name 6MX on their sails since 2018
Lobusov Dmitry Viktorovich
Lobusov Dmitry Viktorovichcaptain of the nuclear powered icebreaker "50 Years of Victory"

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