The world's most largest and powerful nuclear icebreaker «50 Let Pobedy»is about to return from its third polar expedition. The captain of the icebreaker Dmitry Viktorovich Lobusov sent us photos from the Top of the Planet — the North Pole of the Earth.


In the photo: Captain of the icebreaker "50 Years of Victory" Lobusov Dmitry Viktorovich and

head of the polar expedition Hugh Lewis-Jones.


Since 2016, 6МХ timepieces have been faithfully serving people in the navy. Here is the captain of the legendary icebreaker wearing a 6MX wristwatch. It is such a pleasure to know that our creation has once again conquered the North Pole.




We are grateful to Dmitry Viktorovich for the chance to meet and take photos! Customer feedback is of immense value for us as it inspires us to grow and improve our product.