Quartz Watch 2115/230.4.439 K

We are happy to announce that a new fiberglass watch is now available*!

Produced in a collaboration with the Kaliningrad State Technical University.

This wristwatch meets all the requirements of a great yachtsmen's watch. It easily withstands a wide spectrum of thermal conditions thanks to the material that significantly increases the useful service life of the timepiece. It is proven to be several times stronger than aluminium or PVC and it will not rust – perfect for outside use or in humid locations. Another benefit derives from its soft surface pleasant to touch. The screw-lock crown can withstand water pressure up to 20 atm.

The luminescent mineral glass protects the dial absorbs and re-emits light for more comfort.

At the customer's request, an image of a bark can be engraved on the dial, depending on its colour. Contact us for more information.

This watch is not eligible for discounts or sales, even at wholesale.


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Small series workshop based on the Poljot Watch Factory
in the 1940s.